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System Requirements

User Platforms supported:

CaptureITPro is compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Windows 7 ( 32bit or 64bit ).

Software Requirements:

DirectX Runtime (9.0c or higher) & Dot Net Framework (installed automatically if not present)

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Core i3 or i5 or i7 Processor with 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended for HD)
  • 320 or 500 GB Hard disk space for HD video recording purpose.
  • Audio input device like Audio headset is required for recording audio data.
  • A color printer (Deskjet or Laser printer) is required to take report printouts.
  • A DVD/CD read/write enabled drive is required to write image data to DVD/CD disk. Bluray preferred for HD.
  • Minimum 4 USB 2.0 ports (for Dongle, CaptureCard, Printer and footswitch).
  • Network card & proper LAN network connectivity for DICOM/ PACS support.
  • Internet connection is required to use Email feature and for online support.

Bundled Hardware:

CaptureITPro is bundled with following hardware:

  • PCI (internal) or USB (external) video capture card. (HD video capture card for HD capture.)
  • 3 switch foot-pedal to control capture/record/stop functions using foot clicks instead of using mouse clicks.(optional)