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"ColpoITPro" is an innovative product from AmbalSoft which helps medical professionals involved in Colposcopy examination to move away from hand written reports or no reports to digital imaging and video management system & reporting. It helps improve quality of patient care by easy image management, image review and annotation, customized reports printing, Reid Index, Biopsy makring, DVD/CD burn and electronic transfer of images/reports by email.

ColpoITPro is an independent and totally self-contained video capture software product that works with various Colposcopes brands giving video signal as Composite Video or S-Video output or BNC. Video output is captured via a video capture card installed in the system running ColpoITPro software and is stored/retrieved/managed by the software.

ColpoITPro is the answer to your search for simple fast, reliable and efficient video capture and image management software for Colposcopy Examination.

ColpoITPro Overview