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CaptureITPro V2.0 Features

CaptureITPro V2.0 is easy to use, functionally rich, video capture and reporting software solution for medical professionals. It stores image/video/audio data in digital format and retrieves the same for later use. It helps in saving printer ink and cut cost using intelligent image cropping feature during reporting. It also provides video streaming for telemedicine support.

List of Features

  • CE Certified software. CE Certificate
  • Very user friendly with MS Word like Ribbon UI. No learning needed.
  • User Login screen to allow access only to authenticated users.
  • Inbuilt Patient-Visit-Image management feature. Multiple visits per patient allowed.
  • Works with all types of capture devices and interfaces with many non-DICOM and DICOM modalities.
  • HD support to save image/video in 720p/1080p resolution.
  • Save images in BMP/JPEG/DICOM format during preview/record/playback mode.
  • Save reports with images & findings in DICOM format and send to PACS for easy network viewing.
  • Send DICOM images and reports of any modality to PACS/ DICOM server in the network.
  • Receive DICOM images from any modality connected in the network. Useful to combine DICOM and non-DICOM images in the same report.
  • Simple DICOM viewer to view DICOM images and reports.
  • Intelligent quick search patient and export patient list to excel format.
  • Save video in AVI/MPEG/ASF format with excellent video compression. Save storage space more than 90% when compared with other competitors.
  • USB/Serial port footswitch support for capture/start/stop action.
  • Audio recording for audio notes dictation.
  • Customizable report templates with images and prefilled text for various medical procedures. Easy to generate reports in seconds and save as PDF/DICOM and other known formats.
  • Report cropping feature saves printer black ink and cuts cost.
  • Word notes feature to provide detailed procedure notes and summary reports.
  • Directly Burn videos/images/DICOM to DVD or CD and provide to patients for viewing.
  • Easy copy patient data to USB Drive or network drive for reference.
  • Export data to MS-Paint, Power point, Movie Maker and Adobe PDF Reader.
  • Import images/video/DICOM/Report files from USB drive or any external/network storage device.
  • Useful Email feature. No need for outlook. FTP upload -Support for Telemedicine.
  • Archive - Archive patients (to DVD / External HD) to clean up Disk space and retrieve from the archived media.
  • Last but not least - Friendly help file and training videos.