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CaptureITPro is easy to use, functionally rich, video capture and reporting software solution for medical professionals. It stores image/video/audio data in digital format and retrieves the same for later use. It helps in saving printer ink and cut cost using intelligent image cropping feature during reporting. It also provides video streaming for telemedicine support.

Ribbon User interface

  • Like Microsoft Office user interface – Easy to use. No learning needed

Store/Retrieve Patient Information & Visit Details

  • Store/Retrieve patient information (ID, name, DOB, contact info, diagnosis).
  • Store/Retrieve visit details (Visit date, doctor, comments).
  • Advanced and fast patient search.
  • Export patient details to different file formats.
  • Delete selected data with password protection.

Image Capture

  • Capture image as BMP/JPEG file.
  • Thumbnail numbering for easy image access.
  • Capture image during preview, recording or playback.
  • Store/Retrieve images for later use.
  • Foot pedal support for capture.

Video Capture

  • Video recording – start/pause/resume/stop functionality.
    • AVI/MPEG/WMV9 recording.
    • Compression of audio and video streams, "on-the-fly" or after recording, using standard audio/video codecs like MPEG, DivX, OpenDivX, XVid...
    • Recommended video compressor is “ffdshow”, installed along with setup program.
    • Pause/resume during AVI recording as required.
    • Zoom and record.
    • Foot pedal support for recording, capture, stop.
  • Video Player
    • Plays recorded video clips: WMV, AVI, ASF, MPG, MP4, MOV, etc...
    • Track bar control.
    • Playback at any speed, forward or backward.
    • Fast seeking, forward or backward.
  • Video Processing
    • Text overlay.
    • Video rotation 90° 180° 270°.
    • Top-down and left-right mirroring.
    • Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue controls.
    • Inverted colours.
    • Gray scale colours.
    • Deinterlacing to avoid jagged video.
  • Video Capture Device Control Settings
    • Video size.
    • Frame rate.
    • Video input.
    • Analog video standard (NTSC/PAL/SECAM).
    • Zoom.
    • Frame count of delivered and dropped frames.

Audio Capture

  • Capture audio from selected audio device.
  • Capture audio to Wave, WMA, and MP3 file format.
  • Capture audio from selected audio input pin. for example, Line In , Microphone, Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, Aux, Video, CD Audio, Phone Line.
  • Support multiple audio devices and mixer lines.
  • Adjust volume level for mixer line.
  • Pause or resume when recording.
  • Foot pedal support.

Video Live Network Streaming

  • Video streaming, directly to the internet, from the platform running CaptureITPro.
  • Indirectly through a publishing point on a Windows Media Server, authentication supported.
  • One or more person in the network or in the internet can watch your operation or action.

Report Generation

  • Customised reports. Many standard templates (Gastro, Lapro, ENT, Broncho...) available.
  • Auto fill image comments and field values.
  • Save reports in different formats (PDF, XML, EXCEL, RTF, EMF, TIFF, PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP)and print latter.

Burn Selected Images/Videos to CD/DVD

  • Support of high definition media (including Blue-Ray and HD-DVD).

Copy to Pen drive/Email/FTP

  • Copy image data, reports to selected Pen Drive.
  • Send patient report, image data via SMTP Email.
  • Upload patient report, image data to FTP server, with password security.

Image Cropping

  • User defined crop area.
  • Rectangular or circular cropping.
  • Print of only cropped area of the image.
  • Saves printer cartridge and cuts cost.
  • Crop during image capture or during printing.
  • Stretch cropped images for better print size.

Integration with External Tools

  • Edit image using MSPaint. Use edited images for reports.
  • Single Click Export images/videos/audio/reports to MS PowerPoint.
  • Drag & drop selected videos to MS Movie maker and edit videos as required.
  • Load saved report PDF file using Adobe Reader. Review or print the report.
  • Use external FileZilla tool to upload data to secured FTP site for tele-medicine support.

Archive And Import

  • Archive data to free up hard disk space.
  • Archive to CD/DVD media / Network drive / External HD.
  • Retrieve archived patient's data automatically from media.
  • Import data files (images/videos/audio/reports) from external media.

Help & Training videos

  • Excellent help file with details on functionality.
  • 24 Training videos to help get started on the product features easily.