About AmbalSoft

AmbalSoft InfoTech Private Limited is a medical software manufacturing company, based in Chennai, INDIA. Its founder, Mr.T.V.Sivakumar (Siva Vageesan - View Siva Vageesan's profile on LinkedIn ) has strong 20+ years of experience in developing medical software. Our team's expertise in medical image analysis provide quality solutions and products to companies around the globe.

AmbalSoft InfoTech Private Limited is a one of the leading edge software consulting and medical software products company specializing in niche medical instrument interfacing domain. The company has been specializing in software products using the following technologies: DotNet, C#, Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOA/OOD), C/C++ Programming, Visual C++, SQLServer, ODBC, OLE DB, ActiveX, Visual Basic Applications and Internet Application Development.

Latest Release

  • CaptureITPro Version - released on 8th April, 2012

  • ColpoITPro Version - released on 14th February, 2012

  • OptoITPro Version - released on 14th March, 2012

  • MediaITPro Version - released on 18th March, 2011

  • CaptureITPro-DICOM-HD Version - released on 22nd July, 2013

  • ColpoITPro-DICOM-HD Version - released on 22nd July, 2013